Three Easy Payments

This Source is titled "Three Easy Payments." As you've flipped through the channels, I'm sure you've seen the commercials of some guy promising a great miracle product for just three easy payments. Our students live in a get-it-quick, "three easy payments" society. We all want our Christianity to be alive and fun. However, our kids are often too "spiritually lazy" to make that happen.

I know you'll enjoy this night. We have fun with three "infomercials" of our own. It's not a heavy topic, but it is a great evening that brings you back to a basic aspect of real youth ministry: knowing your group.

As you listen to this Source, I pray you'll take some time to reflect and ask yourself: "What do my kids need?" To be effective in youth ministry, we have to constantly pause and discover the present needs of our groups. So sit back and enjoy a fun evening as we look at "Three Easy Payments."

Your long-distance cheerleader,