Quality VS Quantity: Keeping Both Priorities In Youth Ministry

In youth ministry we all want numbers, but we also deeply want to believe we're impacting people. It's an unending battle between where our priorities lie. Have I ever struggled with feeling like I'm fighting between bringing in the crowds yet prioritizing meeting people's needs one person at a time? You bet I have. That's why I've entitled this Youth Leader's Coach, "Quality Vs. Quantity: Keeping Both Priorities In Youth Ministry."

People often say you can either have teenagers with deep spiritual commitment or simply have lots of teenagers. Through the years, I've held fast to the belief that by the grace of God you can have both. I want to share with you the principles behind how you can see not only numeric, but spiritual growth in your teenagers.

Please listen closely to this Youth Leader's Coach. We all know that strategies can bring in numbers, but strategies don't always bring spiritual significance in the lives of your teenagers. As you struggle to see your group grow and draw closer to Jesus, grab a cup of coffee and join me as I share with you impacting principles on juggling and succeeding in the world of Quality vs. Quantity.

Lovingly your biggest fan,

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