Moment Of Truth

The TV show "Moment Of Truth" has created a buzz in the air. The game seems simple enough, just tell the truth! Often times, however, we don't want to hear the truth. Instead, we'd rather buy into the lies we keep trying to sell ourselves as the truth.

In this Source, using our own version of "Moment Of Truth," we challenge both Christians and non-Christians alike to come face to face with what they truly believe, not just with what they "say" they believe. While this outreach night was both fun and funny, we didn't shy away from the tough questions, like "Do you really care if your friends go to Hell?" "What's your motive for not sinning?" and "Do your really believe in God?" Through these "eternal" moment of truth questions, many students heard for their very first time that the Lord isn't so much interested in their perfection, as much as He's interested in their direction.

It was an amazing night that I'm excited to share with you. So with coffee in hand, listen in and try to visualize this illustrated message. By scripting everything for you, I think you'll find it a relatively easy outreach night to pull off. As with us, may it result in moments of truth that last for all eternity.