For Youth Administrative Assistants

NYLC Breakout Session

Some people think that being an Administrative Assistant means you are never truly appreciated for all the work you do, you'll never get to reach your own dreams, you're not gifted enough for a better job and that you'll never be completely caught up with your "to-do" list.

In this session, Jeanne's own Administrative Assistant, Bethany Shay, and Brittany Dore, an Administrative Assistant on Staff with Master's Commission Atlanta, remind those attending their session that a good Administrative Assistant is there to invest in the life of the person they are working for and by helping in their weak areas it gives you an opportunity to make them look better. You can be someone they trust and depend on and you have the opportunity to pray for them and their vision.

Bethany and Brittany share why they love their jobs and pragmatics on how to do them well.