Chaos Theory Culture As A Second Language

NYLC Breakout Session

Clint Thomas' ministry, Chaos Theory, is a media-rich, hard-hitting presentation that zeroes in on many of the destructive decisions confronting youth today. His edgy fast-moving MTV style format grabs and keeps the attention of audiences while delving into the issues of sex, violent entertainment, pornography, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse and other high risk behaviors. Dedicated to protecting our young people, Clint educates youth and adults alike not by telling teens what to think, but rather by causing them to think.

Most kids are pretty smart, they just haven't put the pieces of the puzzle together. In this session, Clint helps the pieces fall into place by asking the hard questions and stating the hard facts. How do you reach a generation that's lost in a culture that is selling kids all the wrong things? Teach them to think.