The Abishai Anointing

We all want an Abishai in our life like David armor-bearer who is fiercely loyal. But the question is, "Who are you an Abishai to?"

So many times, we want to be a David more than we want to serve the Davids that Jesus has put in our lives. How easy is it for you to serve other people, to work really hard to make their dreams come true?

In this Youth Leader's Coach, "The Abishai Anointing," we'll examine Abishai's life and discover what's at the core of his being. Hopefully, we'll find it to be contagious!

May your love and commitment not be to the palace, the perks or the position but to the person. May Hell regret that you ever came to serve the Davids in your life.

Fiercely loyal,

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