How Many Facebook Friends Do You Have?

There's not much more of a current way to approach the topic of friendships than Facebook. It's a social networking phenomenon! However, it's going to take more than Facebook and imaginary cyber-space friends to fill the chasm in our hearts for authentic friendship.

Through multiple methods of creative communication, in this issue of the Source, "How Many Facebook Friends Do You Have?," we address one of the top things that can rob a person of their destiny and purpose...their choice of friends. Not only do students come away challenged to examine their friends, but also to evaluate how they, themselves, measure up when it comes to the friendship factor.

So, grab a cup of coffee and listen in on the skit, stories and Scripture that I use to challenge my students to take their friendships to a whole new level of intentionality. As always, know that I'm eternally grateful that you're a part of our Source family.