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In this life, whether we admit it or not, we all want to be KNOWN for something. When we're gone one day, what will people remember about us? What will they say about our character, our family life, our walk with Jesus, how we treated people in our ministry...? I had these same thoughts swarming my head many years ago when my family and ministry was just beginning. I sat down and journaled 7 simple things that I wanted to define Jeanne Mayo and I have spent my life doing my best to live them out.

In this Source, I talk about 8 "Unpleasant Observations" I so often see in our youth and young adult culture today. And then I challenged my students to consider the ultimate question in life...NOT, WHAT do you want to DO? But rather, WHO you want to BE? And then, choose their own "7 Words" that will someday define them...because...NOT to decide...is to decide.


The wisdom of Proverbs 23:7 tells us, "For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he." And, James Allen echoed it well when he said, "You are today, where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow, where your thoughts take you."

How we "think" is such a key component of success that, in this Youth Leader's Coach, we are going to cash in on ten years of study by Dr. Seymore Epstein, Chairman of the Psychology Department at the University of Massachusetts, on how super achievers think.

As you listen, honestly evaluate yourself on the nine distinct patterns that emerged and zero in on a couple areas where opportunity for improvement exists in your life and ministry.


You'll enjoy this Source, "A Cause Worth Fighting For." So often we preach messages to our students about keeping the future and their God-given destiny in focus in their lives, or we help them to get free from the past issues in their lives. But tonight's Source asked our students, "What cause are you fighting for...RIGHT NOW?"

Without a sense of cause in our lives, it's all too easy to slip into routine and complacency during the day-in, day-out moments. As youth ministers, let's keep before our student's eyes, these pivotal questions: What is going to be part of my signature? What matters to me that counts for eternity? Remember, youth leaders, it's in the daily decisions that lead to our ultimate destiny. So grab this Source and passionately encourage your students to find their cause worth fighting for.

Still fighting for the cause,

NYLC General Session

In this final General Session of the conference, Jeanne's goal is that all will have the opinion that "We get to do this youth ministry thing...We get to live in such a way that hell will regret that we found the purpose of our lives." She shares five principles to help us do this.

Special guest, G. H. Williams, who walked beside Martin Luther King, Jr. shares the significance of "a washcloth, a toothbrush and a dime," and challenges us to "count the cost" of what we choose to do with our lives. According to the late Martin Luther King, Jr., "If a person does not have anything in this world worth dying for, he is not fit to live." What do you burn for?

From my vantage point of over four exciting decades in full-time youth ministry...how has it CHANGED and where is it GOING? The Faith Formation 2020 Study gives us a statistical, analytical look at the FUTURE OF THE AMERICAN CHURCH. Their findings reveal that we are not facing a growth-oriented future if we keep doing things "business as usual."

In this month's Youth Leader's Coach, "Acts 29: The Next Chapter In Spirit-Empowered Youth Ministry," I talk about five needs that are repeatedly expressed in the data when church leaders themselves are asked for their most PRESSING NEEDS as we look ahead. I also share my thoughts on what we need to do to write the next part of the youth ministry story.

We get to be a part of a tipping point in the church world, and I'm excited to be a part of it with you!


What is the dream in your heart? At the end of your life, what do you want to look back on and say, "I did that"? Many people have a "Field of Dreams" they would like to build; unfortunately, countless abandon it when negative situations or tough times come their way.

In this Youth Leader's Coach, we look at the movie with Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams, and unpack the immortal line, "Sometimes the good Lord allows us to lose our dream to find our destiny." Even when life appears to throw us a curve ball, we get to choose how it shapes our soul. And that, my friend, will make all the difference in the world. So grab a cup of coffee and let's see what Abraham's life has to teach us about not giving up on our destinies.


The reality is, how each of us choose to spend our time, will ultimately create how each of us choose to spend our life. However, it's all too easy to let our primary focus be inward, thinking of our own personal rights, to ever truly seize the day. But to be able to truly change my behavior, I must first change my perspective.

In this month's Source, "Carpe Diem," I'm challenging our students to seize the day on making some Christ-honoring choices that can set them up with a lifetime of success and happiness. Listen in, as you hear me illustrate the importance of how we spend our lives with some help from a powerful tape measure illustration, four lepers, and a clock ticking away in the background. It's my hope that we all say to the Lord, "Give me your kind of spiritual leprosy...so I don't waste my life spiritually having too much to lose."

Choosing to seize the day,

With this edition of the Source, "Christ's Answer To The Fear Factor," we give you a "can't miss" event. This is an outreach-based message that we did for two weeks. While this Source isn't long enough to include the audio from both nights, we've given you both sets of notes to use. We've also loaded up this Source with all the games, tech notes, and more to execute this event flawlessly. So take what you want, adapt it for your gang, and if you only do it for one week or stretch it longer than two, I know this will be a hit with your team!

On a personal note, this message deals with two of the biggest fears that people in our society struggle with: "the fear of rejection" and "the fear of insignificance." Our own students and ourselves, if we're honest, fight these fears daily. As you listen, you'll hear me often speak of my own battle with these fears. Remember, "you will lead people with your strengths, but you will connect to people with your weaknesses."

So sit back, relax, and give me a few minutes to be you "long distance cheerleader."

Lovingly your "Big Sis,"

A headline appeared on the front page of the USA Today newspaper. It read, "Ever since 9-11, a rash of violence in our world which is highly difficult to contain has continued to mount through the means of young adult suicide bombers. We wonder why the Palestinian and Islamic movements are gaining such momentum worldwide. Perhaps these zealous young people are the answer. These young men and women don't want to SEND a bomb. They want to BE THE BOMB."

Then listen to these haunting words from more of that newspaper article: "There is little likelihood of permanently stopping any of these young suicide bombers who are so fiercely CONSUMED by their cause that they are literally willing for THEIR CAUSE TO CONSUME THEM."

In this month's Youth Leader's Coach, "Consumed," I'm sharing three things we need to remember if we want to be consumed for Kingdom purposes. The world is full of stories of people who give their lives for a lesser cause than the cause of Christ. And though few of us are called to give our lives PHYSICALLY, we are all called to give ourselves whole-hearted SPIRITUALLY.


We all want to change the world. When we are young, we dream of being superheroes, firefighters, and veterinarians, however as we grow older, our aspirations develop and take new form. The bottom line is that we never stop dreaming. The challenge we begin to face is refusing to simply daydream, but choosing to daily invent our futures.

In this Source, "Dream Keepers," I help our students put action behind their aspirations. So, listen in as I use Scripture, some key truths and video clips of real people, who realized some pretty amazing dreams of their own, to challenge our students to have enough courage and character to not just be "Dreamers," but "Dream Keepers."


NYLC Breakout Session

What are some of the key principles and questions that need to be answered before entering a ministry? What about when exiting? First impressions are lasting, but so are final impressions. In this session, we will discuss strategies to entering a ministry, reasons to remain at a ministry, and ways to successfully exit. Many people may enter a ministry strong, but fail to exit well - don't be one of them.

What is the ONE THING you want to "leave it all on the field" for?

Based off of the epic true story from a football championship game of the Permian High School Panthers, this month's Source is called, "FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS"!

In this Source, I talk about what it takes to keep us in the "spiritual game" of life and the sacrifices for success it requires. Also, what it takes to find our ONE THING that we fight for as we reach down to the core of our ultimate calling...the purpose that keeps us going. With some inspiring clips from the movie and key Scriptures from the life of King David and some of his mighty men, I challenge our students to fight for a God-Sized Dream that will last into eternity.

Still chasing my 500-pound lion,

NYLC Breakout Session

Youth pastors usually go through three stages, from "Survival" to "Success" to "Significant." How do you become a "Significant" youth pastor? By making an impact in the lives of the kids you serve. In this session, Richard Crisco, the Senior Pastor of Rochester First Church and the former Youth Pastor during the Brownsville Revival, shares how to make a lasting impact through Integrity, Mentoring, Prayer, Anointing, Consistency and being Touchable.

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I've always been a woman on a mission...to leave a genuine legacy that honors Christ. You've heard me quote my personal mission statement over and over: "The motivation and mentorship of Kamikaze Christianity into practicing and potential Kingdom champions." In this Source I challenge each of us with the question, "What's going to be the SIGNATURE OF YOUR LIFE?" I ask you to be audacious enough to answer the unspoken question that everybody will be trying to casually ask in the “reunion” celebrations of your life, "WHAT DID YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE?" We all want to do something AMAZING and WORLD-CHANGING with our lives, but really, what does that even look like today?

You'll also hear me reference one of the greatest men I ever knew that REALLY did something DEEPLY meaningful with his life on earth. I had the honor and privilege to see what real, destiny-altering legacy looked like for 48 years with my beloved husband and hero, Pastor Mayo. He was a LEGEND...to me, and to many of you.

WHAT MAKES A LEGEND? This is the definition I gave at Pastor Mayo's Homegoing Celebration...INTEGRITY + ENDURANCE = GOD'S KIND OF LEGEND


What a fun topic! We were in a series at our youth ministry called "At The Movies." It's where we're taking a look at some of the most popular movies that have come out recently and finding how they reflect some pretty powerful truths from the Word of God. In this resource, we're talking about "Interstellar: Impossible...But Necessary."

There are so many life-giving biblical truths that can be pulled from this movie. I'm sharing on just 3 that I believe can revolutionize our walk with Christ if we grab ahold of them. So listen in to this illustrated message as we talk about prioritizing relationships, God's love for us, and doing something with our lives that may seem impossible, but necessary!


I love the word "INVICTUS"! It means "unconquerable spirit" and is used as the title to William Henley's powerful poem written in the 1800s. An amazing movie based on the true story of Nelson Mandela bears the name as well.

The nation of South Africa was racially divided in the wake of apartheid, when Mandela took over its presidency. However, it was not before he spent 27 years in a small prison cell as a result of his protest of racial inequality. Mandela's ability to internalize Henley's poem during those years, specifically the last two lines, "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul," enabled him not to abuse his new found position of power and authority but use it to unite a nation. In doing so, he became a living example of John 10:18 where Jesus says, "No one can take my life from me. I sacrifice it voluntarily."

As exemplified in the lives of Jesus and Mandela, it is in the willful laying down of our rights that we come to understand what ultimate power and authority truly looks like. Using the timeless movie, poem and Scripture, we communicate this core truth to our students in this issue of the Source. It's a huge paradigm shift from what today's youth and young adult culture are hearing. Come make the leap with us.


The world we live in offers many quick and easy options. Our students, along with ourselves, all struggle with wanting "something for nothing." Far too often, this attitude influences our relationship with Christ. In this Source, "It Will Cost You Something," I make a challenge to your students to pursue a dream and purpose larger than themselves: A LIFE WHOLLY ABANDONED TO CHRIST.

Nothing you or your students do halfway is ever worth it. May this Source push your gang into pursuing Christ with a "Kamikaze" spirit! You and your youth group can have an authentic relationship with Christ, but IT WILL COST YOU SOMETHING!

Pursuing Christ wholeheartedly,

You'll love this Source! Using the example of Desmond Doss, the first conscientious objector to earn a medal of honor for bravery during World War II portrayed in the incredible movie, Hacksaw Ridge, I challenge our students to go through the roof! To live a WIT (Whatever It Takes) life of heroism and selflessness.

With some key Scriptures and a few clips from the movie, I remind our students that "Heroes are often ordinary people that simply chose to put their dreams above their fears." What a REAL and SOBERING description of what ministry can feel like for all of us sometimes...a constant battle to get JUST ONE MORE, right after we've gotten one to safety. Yet, for Desmond Doss, as with each one of you, he was remembered for his life's sacrifice of selflessness as he looked past the pain and saved, JUST...ONE...MORE.

Saving just one more, right alongside you,

NYLC Breakout Session

Dan Valentine has been in ministry leadership for a long time. His first experience was as a small group leader in Jeanne's youth ministry. Dan learned much about being an inspirational leader from Jeanne and other leaders that he has worked for. One of the main things Dan has learned is, to be an inspirational leader means you have to live an inspirational life that inspires others to be great. He also learned from Jeanne early on, that for an inspirational leader, quitting is not an option and new leaders don't just come to you, an inspirational leader raises up leaders around him. In this session, Dan shares these and many other valuable lessons he has learned about not just being a leader, but one that inspires others to be successful.

This iVolunteer resource is a COACHING RESOURCE for volunteer youth leaders who want to be the BEST they can be!

As a volunteer, it's sometimes challenging not being the "top dog." You might easily begin to think that you're not making much of a difference when you're not the one on the platform. You may wonder how setting up chairs every Wednesday night, or smiling at a few students and asking them some questions once a week can really be changing anything.

In this iVolunteer, "Leading Without A Mic," we'll take a look at the biblical example of David, who began his career as a "high school" volunteer in King Saul's army. David could have easily said, "I'm just a volunteer!" But, he knew it wasn't his title or amount of recognition that determined whether his life made a difference. Instead, it was the heart with which he served. So, listen in and be reminded that, "Leadership isn't a title; Leadership is influence."

Cheering you on,

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