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This Source was such a key night in our own youth group and it is my gift to you, as we stir up a spirit of expectancy in our youth groups. I've entitled it "An Enemy Called Average." Use this message right before a key event to set the stage for spiritual explosion, as we did right before our Fall Retreat. It is an equally powerful message to stir up the mediocre and routine lulls that we sometimes find our group to be in.

Even we as leaders often face this enemy called average. My friend, let this message minister directly to you. Let expectancy grow in your heart as we explore the ingredients for spiritual explosion!

Still refusing to be average,

The theme of this Retreat is "CRAVE." We all have "DESIRES." The Bible talks clearly about DESIRES being a GREAT THING! This retreat focuses on helping to reignite and SPIRITUAL HUNGER, INTERNAL CRAVING for Jesus and more of the things that will give LASTING SATISFACTION.

This Digital Resource includes all the files you will need to both edit & reproduce the Leader Guide & Student Journal.

The theme of this Retreat is "END GAME." That's just our cool way of reminding ourselves that we need to live life with the end in mind. Just like an athlete trains with the championship in mind, or a chess player uses a strategy with the checkmate in mind, or a student studies with the final grade and a great career in mind...we all need to realize the importance of living our lives focused on the END GAME.

This Digital Resource includes all the files you will need to both edit & reproduce the Leader Guide & Student Journal.

In the last 10 years, there has been a growing trend of people flocking to recreational places called ESCAPE ROOMS. People actually PAY MONEY to get LOCKED UP in a room that they are not certain they can escape! Sounds a little bit like a classy type of prison, yet thousands of people are enjoying these ESCAPE ROOMS all over America every week.

SOUNDS LIKE LIFE SOMETIMES, doesn't it? Life can be a fun and exciting adventure, but often in our own MINDS we feel INTIMIDATED, FRUSTRATED or TRAPPED. SOMETIMES OUR MINDS CAN FEEL LIKE A PERSONAL ESCAPE ROOM (something like a "custom room" designed by the enemy to keep us imprisoned or in bondage in different areas of our lives).

You might be asking yourself, "Where are we going with this retreat theme of "ESCAPE ROOM"? I'm glad you asked! This Retreat focuses on THE POWER OF OUR OWN THOUGHTS...thoughts that lead to a truly FREE life that honors Jesus, or thoughts that keep us TRAPPED and in different forms of BONDAGE.

This Digital Resource includes all the files you will need to both edit & reproduce the Leader Guide & Student Journal.

How do we REALLY hold on to spiritual mileage? This is something we all wrestle with, student and leader alike. You know we all have times when we have big moments with God, and then 48 hours later, it really had no lasting effect on us. The truth is, making spiritual mileage is a big deal. But, keeping spiritual mileage is an even bigger one!

I shared this message with my students the week after we got back from a life-changing youth retreat. I gave them 4 ESCAPE HATCHES that are helpful for all of us who want our spiritual mileage to last for the long haul. I promise this will be a pivotal message to share with your teenagers and young adults.


Sport fanatics will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say this next quote, “Go cut down your nets.” We’re going to talk about cutting down our life nets. When we fight and work for something that seems so difficult to obtain. But, if we put in enough blood, sweat, and little tears...it becomes OBTAINABLE.

I did this service right before a retreat and centered it around one of the most challenging things for some of our students...evangelism. I shared an epic story about the Notre Dame basketball team and 10 easy and specific ideas that our gang could do to make a difference in their worlds. I end the service with an unforgettable image, as I handed out some simple basketball nets to those in our group that were already "cutting down their nets."

Do you want to make Hell regret the day you were born? Go CUT DOWN YOUR NETS!


How do you hold onto spiritual mileage after a big event? I mean, it's one thing to pray and think you've made spiritual progress after a good service or a powerful retreat. But how do you hold onto that progress…and keep growing? This Source, is about the battling mind games that we all often face after we've made some substantial spiritual gains in our lives. In these times, our thoughts are just something we feel like we can never get away from, never ESCAPE. Sometimes it feels like the landlord of our minds really is a JERK.

Using a memorable illustration, I talk about how it feels to have taunting thoughts knocking on the walls of our minds all the time. I also share key Scriptures we can use to live in peace in the homes of our minds after we've invited the NEW landlord, Jesus Christ, to live there daily.


We're wired to feel...we like it...in fact, we love it! I would go so far as to say that we have an "addiction" problem. We want to "feel" when it comes to our music, media, friendships, etc. Unfortunately, with it typically comes the desire to abandon it or them once we no longer "feel" the same way.

If we're not careful, we can have that same faulty mentality when it comes to the Lord. Most of us can tell you an exact time and place where we felt God the most, maybe on a retreat or during a worship service. But, we can also tell you that the "feeling" wore off a few days later and, if we're honest, how we secretly longed to have it back.

I guess I wish some of my leaders would have been more forthright regarding how to handle "non-feeling" times. I think that's why I am so impassioned about walking through them with my students. In this Source, "God, I Can't Feel You Anymore!," we navigate through causes and solutions for those times. An eye-opening Whitney Houston interview, a heart-wrenching Holocaust story, an honest excerpt from, Uncensored: Finding God When He Feels Far Away, and Jesus' own story, help students understand that when they feel God the least, they may be pleasing Him the most.


The theme of this Retreat is "GRIT." We aren't talking about the side dish that's popular in the South! GRIT could be explained as "having PASSION and PERSEVERANCE to keep going after what you REALLY WANT in life." The goal of this retreat is to help us grow enough GRIT to RESIST any TEMPTATION that would eventually lead us to GIVE UP on what we REALLY MOST WANT in life.

This Digital Resource includes all the files you will need to both edit & reproduce the Leader Guide & Student Journal.

"Are you serious? Again...I messed up again? Why bother trying? I can't do this!" Those are just a few of the thoughts secretly going through some of our students' heads two weeks after an unforgettable retreat, amazing camp or life-changing youth service. Meanwhile, we're secretly thinking, "I know the decisions they made there were real, so why has our new found spiritual tenor flat-lined? Who poured water on their fire?" These thoughts, left unaddressed, leave our students feeling like failures...and us too!

What happened? Well, chances are during that two week period they came face-to-face with the fact they are still humans. In other words, they aren't quite as perfect as they thought they could be or should be. This Source is not meant to give students an excuse to sin, but to give them hope. To help them understand that God's love is so much bigger than the million times they've messed up. If done well, by the end of the night we will have disarmed the Enemy's attempt to convince students that God is not interested in hearing from them because they've wiped out too many times for Him to take them seriously.

Through an awesome monologue, fun stories and outside of the box creative communication, students will come to realize that our Master has always known about our weaknesses...and has created ways to make good use of them for His glory if we will simply refuse to give up!

Undeserving of God's unmerited love, but grateful for it,

What an awesome topic this month, "Hosting A Mind-Blowing Retreat!" I recorded this message 24 hours before leaving with my own students for our Spring Retreat. If you ask me for the programming item that has the most spiritual impact during the year, it would be hosting an interactive retreat. The positive feedback that comes from hosting your own retreat will be a huge win for your youth ministry. Yes, it's work, but it's worth it.

So, my friends, grab a cup of coffee and jot some notes on some pragmatics that I want you to hear deeply. Let me say one more time, hosting an interactive retreat will be the thing that gives you the most spiritual mileage with your gang every year.


Look for some of the Retreats we have done by searching for “Retreat” in the Playbook Unlimited.

Every party needs an INVITE LIST. These are the people that you've invited to be UP CLOSE to you. Your INVITE LIST is your "CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE."

This Retreat invites students to look at the people that they've "INVITED" to be UP CLOSE to them and examine the kind of INFLUENCE they have in their lives...whether positive, negative or neutral.

This Digital Resource includes all the files you will need to both edit & reproduce the Leader Guide & Student Journal.

NYLC Breakout Session

The tech side of ministry is often unglamorous and gets little recognition. You must show up before anyone else and stay until everyone is gone. It is the tech team's job to make those on the stage look their best and for Jay Parmenter, Jeanne's Audio and Lighting Director and Sterling Rowan, Jeanne's Media Director, it's an act of worship.

Jay and Sterling have been on Jeanne's team for five years and in this session they share their passion with the youth leaders present and answer questions on how they make it all come together for services, retreats and NYLC.

This retreat's theme is "KNGDM." That's just our simple way of reminding ourselves that there is a competition happening right now in EVERYONE'S personal life FOR WHO WILL REALLY BE IN CHARGE.

Every single one of our lives is a "KINGDOM." And wherever you have a kingdom, there has to be a KING or QUEEN, someone who is IN CHARGE! This retreat talks about WHO or WHAT is REALLY in charge of the "kingdom" inside each of our own hearts.

This Digital Resource includes all the files you will need to both edit & reproduce the Leader Guide & Student Journal.

"PROPAGANDA" is just our cool way of reminding ourselves that there is a "big competition" happening right now with people trying to influence HOW OTHER PEOPLE THINK. It's the same way a movie studio shows trailers to make you want to see a movie, a clothing line runs ads, and McDonald's has billboards all over the city…THERE IS A PRETTY HUGE AND CONTINUAL COMPETITION GOING ON FOR WHAT YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS BELIEVE.

This Retreat is designed to help students understand some "PROPAGANDA" they may have been believing and line it up with the TRUTH of God's Word.

This Digital Resource includes all the files you will need to both edit & reproduce the Leader Guide & Student Journal.

In REALITY, social media is a HUGE part of our daily culture. And, anything that is such a big part of our lives deserves our focused attention. Though all social media isn't BAD, this retreat outline is focused on reminding all of us to use it in positive ways, and to use it in a balanced way so that our own personal REALITY doesn't eventually become a DISTORTED VERSION of an image we try to project on our phones.

This Digital Resource includes all the files you will need to both edit & reproduce the Leader Guide & Student Journal.

The theme for this retreat is of course "THE CODE." But let's face it, the world we live in is a GRAY WORLD! We hear catchphrases like, "Do what feels right for you," "Follow your heart," "Whatever works for you is right. "Everything is so GRAY! The truth is that most standards will not be obviously BLACK and WHITE as we look at them through our human filters. Many standards will seem to be more GRAY.

The goal of this retreat is to begin to discover how we unlock God's personal standards for us as individuals. We want to crack "THE CODE" that God has for all of us because, quite honestly, our eternity and the eternity of others we care about might be depending on it.

This Digital Resource includes all the files you will need to both edit & reproduce the Leader Guide & Student Journal.

How do we keep our spiritual life alive in our hearts? It's usually easy on the heels of a great camp, conference or retreat. But, what do you do after the lights have gone out? What do you do when you know in your head God is still there, but the "feelings" of His presence have faded? It's a question our students are dying for us to both acknowledge and answer.

In this Source, "What To Do When the Lights Go Out," we talk about how our relationship with Jesus is a two person job...partly His and partly ours. As He changes us from the "inside out," our job is to change from the "outside in" through our choices. As we "put on" the "outward forms" of holiness by aligning our actions with His Word, Jesus promises to pour spiritual concrete into our character.

Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am to be a part of your life.

Building forms,

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