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You'll love this Source! It's the first night with my new youth group and my strategic announcement of launching small groups. You'll hear me take a run at what our youth ministry can look like over the next year and how the students can be involved in creating the next 8,760 hours together.

You don't have to be starting with a new ministry like I am to use this Source. It's a great message to use if you just want to "refresh" your youth ministry at any point in the journey. With some thought provoking monologues from both students and leaders, a few key Scriptures and some quotes, we saw the atmosphere of the room change as we built a dream for the future.

You may also want to listen to the Youth Leader's Coach that goes with this message, "Thoughts From The Starting Line."

Still Dreaming,

A few years back, a PBS special was aired about a war hero who was being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery on the battlefield. He was a "conscientious objector," so his role on the front lines was that of being an ambulance driver to get wounded soldiers back for medical treatment. He chose not to kill anyone in war, but risked being killed for the sake of others.

The Old Testament story of Samson, shows us another story of a man with great destiny on his life, who was willing to die for something, and a man who God used even after his past mistakes. In many ways, Samson was an "ambulance driver."

In this month's Source, "A Call For Ambulance Drivers," with the help of Samson, a hilarious skit, and some other must-see creative elements, I'm bringing to life the concept of GIVING YOUR LIFE AWAY for others. With the reminder that failure isn't fatal, to occasionally have holy anger, and to have the guts to pull down the pillars in our own lives, the challenge is sent out to our students. We too, can be ambulance drivers.


It is highly likely that the following week's service will show little evidence of much fruit from a big outreach night. So why continue hosting big events? After all, they are tons of extra work and often, come with a hefty price tag. So, let's answer the question of this month's Youth Leader's Coach, "Are Big Events Really Worth It?"

In this teaching, I'm sharing my thoughts on why "big nights" in the youth service are important, both to you and to your students. Plus, I'm giving some additional steps to help make your events really effective in the weeks that follow it. Grab a notepad and pen and start dreaming about how your next big event can be the best you've ever had!


Most of the time we work extraordinarily hard in youth ministry to get visitors in our door, and we should. But, there is a world of difference between how many people we get to show as first-time guests and the percentage of people that come back. So, allow me to get incredibly pragmatic in order to help bridge the gap between "guest volume" and "guest retention."

This would be a fun Youth Leader's Coach to make copies of and pass out to your leaders and, once everyone listens to it, gather together to strategize on how to get better at making first impressions that last "Beyond The First Visit." So, permission granted, this month's "copyright" means "right to copy." And remember, the "1%s" add up.


NYLC Breakout Session

This is a follow-up to Josh McDowell's previous session, "Teaching Truths in Today's Youth Culture." In this session, "The Bible - Fact, Fiction Or Fable," Josh states we must instill in our kids not only what to believe, but also why they need to believe it, or we have failed them. Josh, once an atheist, investigated the Bible to disprove it and in the process, became a firm believer in the truths presented in the Bible. He gives us facts to back-up our faith and tips on how to share our faith with others.

You can also go to www.josh.org and download the PowerPoint with Josh's notes for this message. They're listed under "Resources" and entitled "The Bible Fact Fiction or Fable."

God is using the ones that no one else would have ever chosen. He uses those who should never be used. Learn what it means to be "Unqualified," and understand it is actually what qualifies us for the greatest harvest.

NYLC Breakout Session

Elizabeth Clark has experience leading worship teams, including being the Worship Director of the Student Ministries at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, TX for two years. In this session, Elizabeth answers questions from youth pastors on how to create a worship team, from the application and audition process, how to handle character and moral issues, though keeping them on the team long term.

NYLC Breakout Session

Dan Hunter has over seventeen years of experience in student ministry and is currently the Student Ministry Pastor at Grace Community Church in Houston, TX. In his years in ministry, Pastor Dan has learned that the majority of students that walk into your youth group are worried about the need to belong. Students not only want to connect, they need to connect with others and so we need to build our ministries to where connection is a big deal. "If you help them belong, eventually they will believe." In this session, Dan gives us ways he has used successfully to help connect new students in his ministry.

It is EASY to question what is real and what may not be. This is especially true when it comes to the topic of our faith. There are a MULTITUDE of ideologies and beliefs out there, and many times it is difficult to navigate between what is TRUE and what isn't.

In this month's source, "Doubters Welcome," I embrace the topic that is often ignored...the topic of DOUBT. I believe this is a good resource for helping students and even leaders help navigate some of the things they may question, which can ultimately help strengthen their faith as opposed to losing it. I think you'll enjoy this one.

Fighting for this generation,

As the end of both our Cadre and ALC year is right around the corner, we are just people on a mission to make our final moments together really count.  That's why I chose this Alliance's topic to be, "Effective Closings:  Getting Your Message Over The Finish Line."  In the same way that we are being intentional with the close of our year, our heart is that you would be just as intentional with how you close out your talks.

Any good communicator knows that we all want to present our messages in a way that makes our listeners want to "buy in."  That's why our closings are so important.  Truth is, no matter how good of an athlete you are, if you can't get across the finish line with strength, you're not a champion.  The parallel is obvious in our talks.  It's really easy to work hard on the body of your message and have the ending "fall flat."  So, I just wanted to do this resource to give you and your ALLIANCE gang some practical examples on how to make the close of your talks the most significant possible.

NYLC Breakout Session

In this session, Chad Miller, from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Director of "Dare to be a Daniel Youth Ministries," states; "We have a generation of lost kids who don't know about Jesus and a generation of church kids who don't live for Jesus. In our quest to become culturally relevant, we've become spiritually irreverent." This generation of Christian students are over-entertained and under-challenged. If you are leading middle school students, you will want to hear Chad's session on how we can challenge our "tweens" and equip them as disciples for evangelism.

Only 10% of the church body has a functioning gift of evangelism. In fact the very vision of evangelism is made up of Superman stories of dramatic witnessing experiences that scare off the average Christian from making ANY efforts to share Christ. This Youth Leader's Coach, "Equipping Normal Teenagers To Do Evangelism," is geared to mobilizing the other 90% sitting in your youth group. So often we make evangelism a huge intimidating task that they look forward to as much as they do their speech class! Let me help break it down and guide you as you lead your students to say "Yeah, I can do that!"

Still reaching out,

NYLC Breakout Session

Aaron Burke is the High School Pastor of Brownsville Assemblies of God in Brownsville, FL. Though he is a youth pastor, his passion is for evangelism on the public school campus. Aaron says, "The public school system is the greatest mission field in the United States." In this session, Aaron tells the youth pastors present how he shares his passion for campus ministry with his students, so it will also become their passion. He also, shares the steps on how to start a campus club in your local high school that will meet the requirements of a public school setting.

I could share lots of great ways to make an IMPACT on your world for Christ. But in this message I'm sharing the ONE KEY I've witnessed as being the MOST POWERFUL in reaching other people for Christ. I call it "FROG-KISSING."

John 17:15-18 challenges us to "Be IN the world...but not OF it." In this Source, I talk to students about creating a TRUE friendship culture with this passage in mind. It is a great source for challenging students to live out a friendship evangelism culture.

Committed to doing life together,

Sport fanatics will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say this next quote, “Go cut down your nets.” We’re going to talk about cutting down our life nets. When we fight and work for something that seems so difficult to obtain. But, if we put in enough blood, sweat, and little tears...it becomes OBTAINABLE.

I did this service right before a retreat and centered it around one of the most challenging things for some of our students...evangelism. I shared an epic story about the Notre Dame basketball team and 10 easy and specific ideas that our gang could do to make a difference in their worlds. I end the service with an unforgettable image, as I handed out some simple basketball nets to those in our group that were already "cutting down their nets."

Do you want to make Hell regret the day you were born? Go CUT DOWN YOUR NETS!


Sam Shoemaker had it right when he encouraged us not to get so far "in the door" that we forget what it's like to live "outside the door"...to live without Christ. Given that Jesus died for those living outside the door, our hearts should beat strongly for them despite the fears and insecurities that accompany the word "evangelism."

Even though statistics tell us that over 90% of our students don't have a functioning gift of evangelism, the strategic growth plan covered in this Youth Leader's Coach will make it easy for both you and them to become great "doorkeepers." This will not only get new students to "come around," but "stick around" as well.


This Source, "Heroes' Night," provides an invaluable resource of an unusual kind. Our local youth ministry experienced a tragic, unexpected death of one of our key teenagers, Amber Lide. I pray that you never have to deal with something of this nature, but statistics tell me that if you stay in youth ministry for awhile, you probably will.

Thus, as a mentoring tool, I am sending you a copy of "Heroes' Night" so you can listen in as to how we honored Amber in our local youth ministry not long after her death. It will be a rich, significant experience for you to listen to...and to be able to learn how we attempted to make even this tragic situation a "pain with purpose" situation. Listen wholeheartedly because "Heroes' Night" is a great idea apart from even this kind of agonizing situation. After all, "Youth was not made for pleasure. It was made for heroism."

Lovingly thankful you are a true Hero,

For the majority of us, we find our families, as well as our closest friends, to be the toughest mission field. We know all too well, when we share Christ with those we love most, the risk of rejection is high for a number of reasons. However, the reward of spending eternity with them in heaven can't be touched. We know this...our students know this...yet sometimes we both need reminded of it.

In this Source, we give students some tangible ideas on how to intentionally love their family and friends in ways that will enable them to both hear and see Jesus through their actions, attitudes, words, and deeds. My prayer for this resource is that our students will be able to cut through all the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, and stand in the gap for those closest to them.

Fighting for the Family,

What an awesome topic this month, "Hosting A Mind-Blowing Retreat!" I recorded this message 24 hours before leaving with my own students for our Spring Retreat. If you ask me for the programming item that has the most spiritual impact during the year, it would be hosting an interactive retreat. The positive feedback that comes from hosting your own retreat will be a huge win for your youth ministry. Yes, it's work, but it's worth it.

So, my friends, grab a cup of coffee and jot some notes on some pragmatics that I want you to hear deeply. Let me say one more time, hosting an interactive retreat will be the thing that gives you the most spiritual mileage with your gang every year.


Look for some of the Retreats we have done by searching for “Retreat” in the Playbook Unlimited.

NYLC Breakout Session

Tom Elmore is the founding pastor of Thrive Church, in Katy, TX. Tom served as the High School Pastor for Kensington Church in Troy, Michigan. In 2005, he was recruited by Lakewood Church in Houston where he worked with Pastor Joel Osteen and served as the Director of Student Ministry.

Tom has used big events successfully in his youth ministries. In this session, he gives four questions that need to be answered before the event to help make it successful. "Why the big event?" "What's the end game when it comes to the big event?" "What does it take to do a big event?" "What is the last 10%?"

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