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Some pains and hurts from our past don't keep bothering us. We seek God's forgiveness, then forgive and forget. OTHER MEMORIES keep haunting for a long time with stingers of guilt, regret and resentment. But, by God's grace, total and unconditional forgiveness to YOURSELF and others stand available to every child of God.

Dr. James Dobson says that overcoming guilt, even after repentance, is one of the primary weapons the Enemy uses on today's leadership culture. That's why I wanted to share with you this resource. I call this Youth Leader's Coach, "A Leader’s Guide To Overcoming Guilt." Prayerfully, this will be a resource that will be a game-changer for you!


An addiction by definition is the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice, or to something that is psychologically or physically habit forming. Something that controls people.

In this session, Robert Madu confesses his addiction. It's one that many people share. It's the addiction of "approval." Robert shares three symptoms of "Approval-aholics" and finally hope for all of us who suffer from the addictions that hold us back on the road to God's destiny and purpose for our lives.

With this edition of the Source, "Christ's Answer To The Fear Factor," we give you a "can't miss" event. This is an outreach-based message that we did for two weeks. While this Source isn't long enough to include the audio from both nights, we've given you both sets of notes to use. We've also loaded up this Source with all the games, tech notes, and more to execute this event flawlessly. So take what you want, adapt it for your gang, and if you only do it for one week or stretch it longer than two, I know this will be a hit with your team!

On a personal note, this message deals with two of the biggest fears that people in our society struggle with: "the fear of rejection" and "the fear of insignificance." Our own students and ourselves, if we're honest, fight these fears daily. As you listen, you'll hear me often speak of my own battle with these fears. Remember, "you will lead people with your strengths, but you will connect to people with your weaknesses."

So sit back, relax, and give me a few minutes to be you "long distance cheerleader."

Lovingly your "Big Sis,"

The church world was recently shocked with the devastating news of Senior Pastor Andrew Stoecklein, who took his own life. His suicide is bringing attention to all the pressure on men and women in the ministry. One prominent senior pastor wrote about his death, "Depression is real and pastors are not exempt or defective who experience it. In this generation, pastors are expected to be business savvy, Instagram quotable preaching celebrities, fully accessible, deeply spiritual, not too young, not too old..."

Though in this Youth Leader's Coach, I don't focus on suicide...I talk about something I have dealt with myself that led to Pastor Andrew's tragic decision, depression and anxiety, which is experienced by many of God's finest in ministry circles. Listen in as I share three root causes of depression and anxiety, why we in ministry circles deal with it so often, and then give you ten ways to help, if you or someone you are counselling is dealing with this issue.

So listen in. Even if you've never had to deal with depression or anxiety, I promise someone in your world probably does. Never underestimate the importance of learning to be a caring friend who is willing to simply listen.


Whatever your personal views of Joel Osteen, only a short-sighted person would fail to acknowledge his huge spiritual impact. However, many of us don't find ourselves as "hard-wired" for happiness as he seems to be. In fact, many conscientious youth leaders have a secret, internal nagging-something like "Is this how abundant life in Jesus is supposed to FEEL?" We're busy trying to lead others towards authentic fulfillment and happiness. Yet in private moments, we sometimes are a little disillusioned ourselves.

Pulling from Harvard's Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar's book, Happier, in this Youth Leader's Coach I explore the "question of questions" ...How can we help ourselves and others to become happier? So make the journey with me as I cover this rare topic in the context of biblical principles.

All my gratitude,

No you didn't read the title wrong; this Source is called "How To Let Anger Ruin Your Life." Anger has a negative connotation, but in all honesty it is second cousin to all of us. We all deal with it in different ways; however, we all know how it feels to get ticked. This is the back door approach to a topic we all can relate to. While not all anger is bad, misdirected anger can ruin your life. The message is tongue-cheek and is kind of a "how-to" in reverse.

As we all know, our students have the loudest voice to their generation. This four part drama gives students the platform to be that voice on this sensitive topic. Sad truth is, when we can do less talking and let the students do more, even if it is through drama or monologues, the evening winds up being invariably our finest.

Not letting anger ruin my own life,

Insecurity is like climbing invisible ladders trying to reach invisible goals to make us feel higher, bigger, and above all the other people around us. Whether we're leaning on a "shifting" foundation, playing the "comparison game," we lose track of our real "value," or get caught up in the "longing for belonging" trap, insecurity is something that we ALL deal with in one way or another.

This Source is Part 1 of a 2-part series we did called, "The Lamp: Illuminating The Raw Feelings Of Your Life." With a fun skit, some key Scriptures and a thought-provoking poem, I helped our students see that they can deal with their "IN Security" by flipping the words around and finding their "Security IN" Jesus! You'll find the video "bumper" and "countdown" for the series on Vimeo. We've also included the message notes for the second message of the series for you!

Coming Off My Ladder

It doesn't seem that long ago, that I experienced a life-changing "end of an era." Our oldest son, Josh, married his amazing Monica. You can well imagine all the "mother emotions" that lovingly surrounded that big day.

As I came to the studio to record this Youth Leader's Coach, I wanted to share some thoughts with you on important keys to raising children while also being involved in youth ministry. Whether you are single, married without children, or already "The Walton Family," please take time to listen to this resource. I share some principles that are really near to my heart that helped to make it possible to balance both raising two amazing sons and having a full-time youth ministry. If you don't need those thoughts now, you probably will in the future.

Lovingly excited to be a Mother-In-Love,

NYLC Breakout Session

Mitch Soule is not a youth pastor, but a successful businessman. He is the owner and founder of RAD Game Tools. At one time, Mitch was unhappy in his work and thought about selling his business and going into ministry. Then he realized that God had called him into the business world and he learned to find joy in the work that God had created him for. Mitch lives his life by "7 Decrees from the King" and in this session he shares those decrees which help him live the joyful life the Lord intended.

Statistically, Barna's research indicates that out of every ten people who begin in full-time ministry, only two are likely to remain at the ten year mark. I hope those statistics shock you and leave you asking the question "why?"

Upon reflection, I think our ability to go the distance is determined, in large part, by the level of our success at "Self Leadership." To both survive and thrive, it is essential that we become good stewards of our time and emotions.

Who is going to stay in the game long enough to spiritually parent the emerging generation? My prayer is that you will. Go for the dog!

Running with you,

About 5 years into full-time youth ministry, I remember saying, "I think EVERYBODY deals with insecurity!" Now, more than 35 years later, I am even more convinced of that fact. Insecurity is a controlling factor that the teenagers in your youth church deal with almost every hour of their lives. Often, it stays masked behind facades of pride, sarcasm, or quietness. But I promise you that insecurity is one of the most dominant emotions most of today's youth culture is impacted by.

Years ago, I heard someone say that "Whoever we most fear...we will eventually serve." Isn't that true? Proverbs 29:25 says it a little differently. It reads, "The fear of man creates a trap." Right again, King Solomon! So enjoy this Source, "The Curse Of Insecurity," and know that it is powerfully relevant to about every teenager (and youth minister) you know. Who knows? You might even hear something in the message for yourself!

Lovingly yours,

The diagnosis is in and I've got a dreaded disease! In fact, it's a disease I've been battling for quite awhile. I wouldn't be surprised if you have it too! It's certainly not as serious as cancer or leukemia, but damaging nonetheless. It goes by the name of "The Disease To Please."

This serious emotional disease can become both consuming and crippling if we are forever striving to "be liked" and "approved of." For when our people-pleasing side gets too big in our lives, our God-pleasing side invariably gets too little.

The good news is that it's curable and, for the most part, all starts and stops in our head. So grab a cup of coffee and listen in on the causes, effects and ways to conquer this debilitating disease and frequent root of ministry burnout.

Gaining ground little by little,

At some point in our lives, every one of us feel lonely and rejected... especially today's youth. In fact, counselors tell us that 1 out of every 3 people in today's youth culture deal with serious rejection issues. And, loneliness can be the most crippling of all emotions!

In this Source, "The Gnawing From Within," I look at the causes of loneliness and rejection and more importantly, how to take these crippling emotions and turn them into "aloneness" which leads us to the heart of God. It's true that loneliness becomes my friend when it forces me to draw companionship from God I would otherwise like to draw from another human being.


What's the secret to a happy life? So many people think it rests in money, power and fame, but they couldn't be further from the truth! Most will find, after they've spent some time barking up the wrong tree, that true happiness begins by choosing the direction of your thought life. Sounds too simple, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, all too often we've allowed negative comments people have made or our previous mistakes to keep us tied to the past. It prevents us from enjoying today and pursuing all that God has for us tomorrow. How do you overcome the comments and mistakes? In this Source, "The Pursuit Of Happiness," we will draw upon some of the expertise of Tommy Newberry in his book "The 4:8 Principle." In addition to his great book, we'll use circus elephants, a pear tree, a Billy Graham quote and dollar bills to get the point across that "whatever we focus on, we fuel!"

So, grab a cup of coffee and join me. This message is not just for your kids, but for you too.


If you have followed me for very long, you've heard me say, "You will never understand today's youth and young adult culture until you see many of them through the filter of someone looking for a Dad." So what am I calling "The Wound That Never Heals"? It's the "Father Wound" or some may be struggling with a "Mother Wound." A simple survey with my own leaders, as we do ministry in the urban city of Atlanta, revealed about 85% of our students have significant hurt from this area.

This month's Youth Leader's Coach teaching goes to the heart of every youth pastor reaching out to a hurting generation. In it I share some simple strategies I've has learned through the years to overcome my own "Father Wound" and connect with others struggling with this pain in their lives.


Counselors tell us that 1 out of every 5 people in America today have a serious problem with rejection. But when they did the statistics on today's youth culture, they said that 1 out of every 3 people in today's youth culture deal with serious rejection issues. I think we all have the little kid inside of us who is searching for different things...love, attention, affirmation, understanding, trust...or maybe even justice.

As I listen to people, very few of them say the literal word "REJECTION"...yet that's what their hearts are pointing to. That's why I call this month's Source, "THE WOUND WITHOUT A NAME." After all, there's no bigger battle in life than the one between the parts of us that WANT TO BE HEALED...and the parts of us that are comfortable and content with REMAINING BROKEN.


Welcome to God's "Hall of Fame"! We can all feel like a loser more often than we care to admit. There's not one of us that doesn't go through seasons when we feel like our heads are getting kicked in. Whether it's because of fatigue, mind games, doubts, sin, or personal pain, I just wanted to remind you that this is completely normal.

In this month's Youth Leader's Coach, "When You Feel Like A Loser," I'm unpacking some of the ways we can combat seasons of discouragement. I just want you to hear my heart say to you, that when you feel like a loser, you're not alone.

Lovingly Yours,

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