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Listen to a master communicator, Andy Stanley, as he shares five questions which help him reach his communication goals each time he plans a message. He also shares some great topic ideas for your next message. You'll love this one!

That's right! The average student in your youth ministry is consuming 7.5 hours of music and media EVERYDAY! This breakout session with the Interlinc team will focus on equipping you to use this powerful took in your ministry.

Have you read a lot about small groups but have trouble visualizing what it should look like? During this breakout we want to model for you, live, what a successful, interactive small group LOOKS like, start to finish. We will also send you home with a lot of free ideas, discussion outlines, leadership training guides, illustrations, and more! Small groups can work. Let us help you grow your youth ministry from the inside, out.

In this final General Session of the conference, Jeanne's goal is that all will have the opinion that "We get to do this youth ministry thing...We get to live in such a way that hell will regret that we found the purpose of our lives." She shares five principles to help us do this.

Special guest, G. H. Williams, who walked beside Martin Luther King, Jr. shares the significance of "a washcloth, a toothbrush and a dime," and challenges us to "count the cost" of what we choose to do with our lives. According to the late Martin Luther King, Jr., "If a person does not have anything in this world worth dying for, he is not fit to live." What do you burn for?

An addiction by definition is the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice, or to something that is psychologically or physically habit forming. Something that controls people.

In this session, Robert Madu confesses his addiction. It's one that many people share. It's the addiction of "approval." Robert shares three symptoms of "Approval-aholics" and finally hope for all of us who suffer from the addictions that hold us back on the road to God's destiny and purpose for our lives.

Jon has a full-time job in sales and is also a volunteer with LifeChurch.tv & Switch Youth Ministries. Paula has volunteered for many years in youth ministry, including one of Jeanne's. Along with being volunteers, they have two small children at home. It's challenging balancing a ministry and a family, but it's especially challenging for volunteers that also are working a full-time job besides. In this session, Jon and Paula share how they balance it all using a blueprint to help set priorities and, using wisdom from Proverbs 31, give four examples of how they do it in their own lives by considering their options and making good choices, planting fruitful vines and making the best use of what they are already doing, girding up their resources and planning for success, and finally taking time to evaluate what they're doing.

The inner-city is full of obvious pictures of "broke" or poor citizens and families that are in need of a financial "rescue." Then there is the other side of the spectrum where you see people "broken" by bad choices such as drugs, alcohol, gangs, and single parent households. But there is a forgotten remnant of youth in the inner-city. They are the ones who live in between them both. These, many times, become a key bridge between your youth ministry, and truly impacting even the broke and broken youth in the inner-city.

This is a follow-up to Josh McDowell's previous session, "Teaching Truths in Today's Youth Culture." In this session, "The Bible - Fact, Fiction Or Fable," Josh states we must instill in our kids not only what to believe, but also why they need to believe it, or we have failed them. Josh, once an atheist, investigated the Bible to disprove it and in the process, became a firm believer in the truths presented in the Bible. He gives us facts to back-up our faith and tips on how to share our faith with others.

You can also go to www.josh.org and download the PowerPoint with Josh's notes for this message. They're listed under "Resources" and entitled "The Bible Fact Fiction or Fable."

In Dan Hunter's Super Session, "Big Team, Little You," he reminds us that ministry was never meant for you to do alone, it was meant to be done as a "team." "Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together." Dan gives us tips on how to build a team, because "none of us can do everything, but together, we all can do anything."

Dan has over seventeen years of experience in student ministry and is currently the Student Ministry Pastor at Grace Community Church in Houston, TX.

God is using the ones that no one else would have ever chosen. He uses those who should never be used. Learn what it means to be "Unqualified," and understand it is actually what qualifies us for the greatest harvest.

If you've been called by God to relate to students, you have to get involved with them and relate to them where they are at. Jaroy Carpenter, with Solid Rock Resources, spends much of his time relating to students where they are at...often in public schools. Many people hesitate to speak in the public school system. They have a list of do's and don'ts and if you break one of the rules, you can ruin the chances of being asked backed or other speakers being asked into the school.

In this session, Jaroy gives simple steps to help take the fear out of speaking in a campus setting and lots of creative ideas that will get the kids' attention and won't offend their teachers or principal.

Balancing family and youth ministry can seem like the impossible task to most conscientious ladies, but is it? In this session, two youth ministry veterans and exceptional moms will share some practical suggestions for balancing both worlds effectively. We're not saying that the task is easy. But in an era in youth ministry when spiritual "mom" and "big sisters" are desperately needed, it's a cause worth fighting for.

Clint Thomas' ministry, Chaos Theory, is a media-rich, hard-hitting presentation that zeroes in on many of the destructive decisions confronting youth today. His edgy fast-moving MTV style format grabs and keeps the attention of audiences while delving into the issues of sex, violent entertainment, pornography, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse and other high risk behaviors. Dedicated to protecting our young people, Clint educates youth and adults alike not by telling teens what to think, but rather by causing them to think.

Most kids are pretty smart, they just haven't put the pieces of the puzzle together. In this session, Clint helps the pieces fall into place by asking the hard questions and stating the hard facts. How do you reach a generation that's lost in a culture that is selling kids all the wrong things? Teach them to think.

As a youth pastor's wife, you have choices. You can either be his personal cheerleader, or his critic. Paula Darracott's husband, Marty, decided to go into full time youth ministry after they got married. She has taken lessons learned as a cheerleader in high school and applied them to her role as a youth pastor's wife. Paula warns, if you don't encourage him, there will be someone else that will. In this session, Paula shares specific ways to encourage and support your husband in youth ministry.

In this Super Session you will enjoy Reggie Dabbs, a motivational speaker that has spoken at high schools all over the world. In his very engaging style, Reggie reminds us of the verse in Deuteronomy 30:19, "I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life..."

Reggie looks at the story of Job and we are reminded, that we are given a choice when the Enemy sends attacks. Through Reggie's own testimony, stories of his family and ministry he challenges all to..."Choose Life."

Every week we all steward the privilege of trying to communicate the story of Redemption. At 12Stone® we embrace the arts to create an environment for great communication. Join me and a couple of folks from our Redemptive Arts Team as we talk about making moments, meaningful metaphors, and creative process.

All great leaders go for the ASK (Always Seeking Knowledge). So, ask yourself, "Do you have any crazy people in your ministry?" In this General Session, Ed Young, Lead Pastor at Fellowship Church, gives us 15 character qualities of crazy people to help us recognize them, then gives us tips how to keep them from taking too much of our time away from those that really need it. Listen, as Ed takes a look at the life of Daniel and learn from Daniel's wisdom as he dealt with the crazy people in his life.

Richard Crisco is the Senior Pastor of Rochester First Church and was the former Youth Pastor during the Brownsville Revival. In this Super Session, Pastor Richard states that "The problem with the American Christian today is that we are more American than we are Christian and one of the important values in the Body of Christ we have lost is learning how to honor." In his message, he teaches the importance of honoring our leaders, our students and each other along with ways we can show that honor.

In the 12,333 Assemblies of God Churches today, 27% have paid youth leaders, 49% have a youth ministry led by volunteers and 24% have no youth ministry reported. 91% of the churches have 400 or less in attendance, 84% of the churches have 200 or less in attendance and 65% of the churches have 100 or less in attendance.

In this session, Jay Mooney, Youth Director of Assembly of God National, challenges youth pastors to reach out and mentor small churches that do not have the budget for youth ministry and help the start and grow youth ministries in these churches. Through purchasing and sharing tools such as thefiftytwo.com, an on-line, youth leader resource which offers a complete year of sermons, presentation slides, small groups, leadership helps, ministry strategies and multiple lists each containing 52 ideas, and bringing their own youth groups alongside, leaders can help smaller churches develop youth groups. "If you want to have lasting fruit in your youth ministry you need to have students in ministry, not just a student ministry. Launch you students in ministry...you'll be surprised what happens in their lives."

Elizabeth Clark has experience leading worship teams, including being the Worship Director of the Student Ministries at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, TX for two years. In this session, Elizabeth answers questions from youth pastors on how to create a worship team, from the application and audition process, how to handle character and moral issues, though keeping them on the team long term.

131 Resources | Page: 1 of 7