Worn Out And Empty

"Worn Out And Empty"...that's a pretty unusual title for one of our youth ministry mentoring times together, isn't it? Yet those four words are realities all of us can relate to all too well at different times in our ministries.

As I share my heart with you on the subject, I hope you will be able to receive this Youth Leader's Coach as a love-gift from Jesus' heart to yours. We all deal with times when the repetition and demands of youth ministry leave us "worn out and empty." We all occasionally struggle to find the emotional energy necessary to keep going...in our ministries, our jobs, our families and sometimes even in our personal walks with Christ.

So prayerfully, our time together will really speak to you. If not, may I make a suggestion? Just consider keeping this somewhere within easy reach. Because all too soon, you'll find the ebb and flow of youth ministry (and life) will leave you saying to yourself, "Where did I put that Youth Leader's Coach?"

Lovingly yours,

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