Cultivating A Healthy Marriage While Doing Youth Ministry

In this Youth Leader's Coach I get to deal with one of my favorite topics, "Cultivating A Healthy Marriage While Doing Youth Ministry." Not a glamorous title, but unfortunately a topic so strategic that it's taken a whole lot of great people out of ministry.

Success for me is that "Those who know me best, love me most," and at the top of the list is my amazing husband and sons. But so often the relationships in your life that are the most precious, with the passing of time, become the most familiar. So in this Youth Leader's Coach I share 10 things that I have learned to keep my marriage a healthy and fulfilling one while in the youth ministry trenches. Even if you're not married, listening to this will help you understand the priorities of your leaders who are and help to prepare you for the day that you too may share your life and ministry with a spouse.


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