Who's Your American Idol?

Can you believe that "American Idol" is still a season hit to this day? But, as you know, "idols" were around long before the T.V. show made the word famous. In Ezekiel, the Bible tells us the Lord is still trying to capture our hearts. Yet all too often, like in Moses' day, we get off course and allow other things and people to take center stage in our lives.

In this Source, we take some time to honestly consider who or what we are placing at our heart's center. My prayer is that these continual heart exams would keep each of us from undoing in careless moments of disobedience the work that God's grace has taken much time to build. For remember, the Enemy always reserves the right to cash in on our moments of disobedience at the very instant it will do him the most good. Let's choose not to give him that foothold for our own sake and for the sake of those following in our footsteps.

So, grab your cup of coffee and let's dive in.